Andrea Ehrenreich


Born in Bratislava, Slovakia in the sixties, now living permanently in Vienna, Austria. Andrea Ehrenreich is a perfect example of how close these two cities are. This was one of the main reasons we decided to choose her as our first artist of the month after our long pause, apart from her amazing instant photography work of course. She symbolises the symbiosys of these two cities the same way as the Instant Addicts do.

Interested in architecture and photography ever since she could remember, she decided to profesionally do the first but not forgetting the second one.

As she says: „Photography gives me freedom in my artistic expression, especially Polaroid photography. It brings me back to my creative roots.“

In her instant photography works, she often creates large mosaics from her pictures. A lot of these are about buldings or simply architectural objects, of course not forgetting her chosen career.

I hope you will enjoy Andrea’s work as much as we did!

For more of her work, please visit her official site